Views in time and space

The landscapes (and streetscapes, and interiors, and object-scapes) which interest me are always meaningful in personal ways. They remind me of particular moments,of things that have happened to me, or happened in history, or both. I never want to paint subjects just because they are beautiful, or interesting in an abstract way. When I paint pictures (as for instance Jervis Bay) it is because I have been there at a particular time in my life. The image prompts the memory. The memory infuses the image.

I might have been there alone with my camera, or a sketch book, when I was thinking about something, or with my family on a rare holiday. Or I might find a series of old photographs, like those of corrugated iron used as building materials in the back streets of Glebe in the early 1960s, and realise years later that I have been obsessed with corrugated iron ever since I was a child on the Hawkesbury River when all our water came from a corrugated iron tank and it was my job to tap the rungs in drought weather to see if we had enough left for a bath. See some more reflections on corrugated iron on the page “Hill End”.

So here I have started to gather together  thoughts and ideas that have touched my previous work, or work I am now planning. I will add more images and comments when I come to work on them, and develop new projects.

All photographs on these pages were taken by me other than the archival images which appear occasionally. I am also developing a site with more focus on the specifically  photographic images some of which  I use as a support to my painting.  Visit my Image Field/

Hawkesbury waterfront: violet sunset

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