A long-delayed return

Meditation Painting

Many things have happened since I began, and then almost abandoned, this site. I have been working on writing throughout 2018, getting several books of memoirs and short stories ready for publication. Next year I plan to start painting in earnest again.

I had almost forgotten I had this site, even though I had paid for the original theme. (Qua). The difficulties in managing it were partly why I stopped developing it. However in the intervening time I have developed my skills with WordPress administration and came back to try and resolve some of the problems which I realise now were a function of the design of the theme as much as of my inability to understand it technically.

So I abandoned the Qua theme altogether, and switched to this one, which looks elegant and minimalist but offers familiar forms of editing and layout. It’s not a commercially-oriented site and not suitable for artists who want to sell their work. But I need it as a kind of ancillary to what I am doing in the art field. I also keep a beautiful hand-written journal with sketches and small photos and ideas, and that will probably play a major part in the further development of my work. If it ever happened that I was satisfied enough to want to sell paintings/drawings, I would go back to Artwork Archive which for a modest annual fee allows you to keep track of everything happening with the work you produce.  I subscribed for a while but after being forced to leave my Leichhardt studio and deciding to throw out many of my early paintings there wasn’t much point in continuing with it. If it ever happens that my work becomes worth cataloguing or even selling, I will go back to it. Check it out here. This is an example of how their pages look. You can keep location and sales information, exhibitions and shows entered and even generate reports using a fairly simple and intuitive software platform. I like it so much I’m almost sorry I don’t have enough work to put on it!

Artwork Archive piece detail for easy art inventorying and management.


Author: annettehamilton82

After life as an anthropologist, including years of fieldwork in remote Australia and Southeast Asia, I am now working on painting, photography, art and cinema and publishing fiction, memoir and children's stories. I spend most of my time in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and at a house on the Hawkesbury River, where my family has lived since 1923.

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